About Us


Grateful for all we have received, we work to provide people living in poverty with good jobs paying fair wages.
The artisans whose crafts we sell work to make their family's lives and their neighbors' safer, healthier and happier.
Conscious of our footprints, we walk together to transform our beautiful planet into a place where all life can thrive.

Better work for a better world

To help impoverished artisans, we attend local craft fairs, farmers' markets, and church or synagogue fair trade bazaars.  You can help us create fair paying work for unemployed artisans around the globe by purchasing our products, inviting us to your place of business or worship, for a home party or just letting us know of opportunities for sales or educational presentations. We are members of Chicago Fair Trade, and we have the perfect gift for you!

Thank you for your partnership in making the world better by supporting fair trade.

Susanne and Vincent Donoghue